Employer Services

Recruitment Expertise 
We offer an expansive recruitment service catalog, assisting employers with:
Advertising job openings
Recruiting candidates
Electronic job matching and resuming mining
Distributing and accepting applications
Pre-screening applicants
Administering test/assessment instruments
Interviewing facilities
Hiring events
Customizable “pre-hire” responsibilities for the employer

Training and Outplacement Assistance

• On-the-Job Training Program
- Reimbursement of up to 50% of trainee wages
- Up to $8,000 or 6 months
- Training tailored to employer needs
• Specialized occupational skills training 
- Certifications
- Licensures
- Degrees


• Business seminars and workshops 

     - Workers Compensation

     - Fair Labor Standards

     - FMLA

     - Customizable topics by request

resources to help your business succeed.

Program Spotlight


WIIN is a program unique to the WIBBCW.  WIIN establishes customized training programs through our area schools that are developed by the business community, for the business community.

Additionally, you do not have to be a member of the WIBBCW to take advantage of what WIIN has to offer.

Click here to download the WIIN brochure to see how WIIN can work for you.

Career Services


​For individuals looking to advance their skills, our OhioMeansJobs Centers offer the following services:

  • Referrals to potential employers
  • Training in computer and other skills
  • Assistance with resume preparation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Knowledge of jobs in-demand
  • Tuition assistance

Put Us to Work for You


We leverage partnerships among our workforce organizations, educational institutions, economic development and chambers of commerce to maximize the effectiveness of our workforce development programs.  In cooperation with our OhioMeansJobs Centers in Butler, Clermont and Warren Counties, we provide  FREE  services to Employers, Economic Development and Career Seekers.

About OhioMeansJobs


​The WIBBCW partners with our OhioMeansJobs Centers in Butler, Clermont and Warren Counties to provide many of these services.

Contact the WIBBCW or your local OhioMeansJobs Center to find out how you can take advantage of these free services:

OhioMeansJobs | Butler County

OhioMeansJobs | Clermont County

OhioMeansJobs | Warren County

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Economic Development Services

Workforce Information
We are able to provide you with analytical workforce information for your employer site prospect.  We have access to state and local labor market data, including labor pool demographic information, as well as real-time data mining from third-party employment sites.  This enables us to provide you and your prospective company with the following information:
Candidate Supply: Number of potential candidates in a specified industry 
Competition: Name and number of direct employers actively competing 
Hiring Data: Number of ads posted by employer, top occupations and hiring difficulty 
Resume Data: Number of candidates with specific occupational skills and education level 
Wage Rates: Average salary range (market comparable)